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One of the things that I struggled with when I first started online was how to get leads – I seen so many out there that was like a magnet and had no problem building their list.   After a few years, I have to tell you some things that I have discovered on how to attract leads.

When I started online years ago, I had a dear friend of mine from the UK tell me – Nance if you are going to make it online – then you have to get out there and BRAND YOU – sell you and being the newbie I was – I just laughed.  Well, guess what – he was right.

With the big deal with the elections that just happened (thank God that is over) – what do you think those people do – BRAND themselves – they are out there to show you they are leaders, serious about their position, honest, ( well maybe this wasn’t good example hehe) but you get the jist.  See how they get their name out there, social marketing, email marketing, telemarketing, advertising, etc.  Got you thinking now………..

Here are two of the most important things I feel is necessary in how to attract leads – I don’t care what you are selling – you have to be HONEST and you have to be a LEADER and that is how you attract leads.

When you are branding yourself – don’t make the mistake of telling people what they want to hear or some made up sells pitch that some company gave you to make them money.  You have to earn that trust, prove to others that you know what you are talking about and help them when you can.

So you are thinking what does this have to do with how to attract leads – well let me give you an example.  Over the years, I have worked hard meeting people from all over the world – chatting with them – you know shaking hands and kissing the babies so to speak – I love social marketing.   Well, you know, I keep in touch with my friends – even if it’s a picture on their profile just saying HI – I send out birthday wishes, and am there to listen if someone just need to talk – why because I believe in helping others first – I have always been that way.

You know what has happened, I have learned how to attract leads – I am building up my list, my businesses and it’s just by being there for others.  Most of what I have learned has been the hard way and there are not many stories out there that I can relate with.  Be proud of your leads, tell them that, communicate with them and DON”T ever push anything on them.

There are many people that still don’t even know what I do online but you know what these people are still important to me.  Remember sometimes is just takes some longer to be interested in what you do online – but believe me they will sooner or later.  AND I never tell anyone what I do online or offline till they ask – you can do this also.

Here are three ways on how to attract leads that will help you

Entertain them – share your pets stories and pics with them, your favorite flower, grandkid stories, clean jokes, etc.  Educate them –  share with them your experiences, new training material, tips and suggestions, etc.  and Lead them – keep them updated, keep the communication lines open, when ask a question, be honest – be a real person.

I know what you are thinking on this – I really can’t teach anyone, I can’t lead anyone – I’m still learning myself – because I felt the same way.  Another friend of mine told me – Nancy – whether you have been online for a day – you know more than the person that just turned on their computer.  When you have been online for 3 months – you know more than the person that has only been here for a day, week – that has always stuck with me – what do you think?????????

18 thoughts on “How To Attract Leads

    • I read your blog post and you are so right – that is how you can get leads – online and offline – you just have to keep the door of communication open

    • Oh I agree – we need multiple streams of leads but people need to start somewhere – unless they take some action – it will never happen and thanks for stopping my 🙂

  1. Yes Nancy, leads are very important.
    Relationshipping with them is even
    more important for long term success.
    I love your posts, they always help
    me realize why networking is so great.
    Success my friend,
    Ken Pringle

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