You Got Money………

Now this is not going to be what you thought – I just wanted to make a point here – we all love seeing that in our emails BUT why do some people seem to get this in their emails more than others.

In my years of experience, I have watch so many people join program after program hoping to see this headline come in an email and also watched many disappointed when it don’t happen.

What I’m seeing is that people don’t do the work necessary to get those emails – they join a program and then put their link out on a few traffic exchanges maybe – they may send out a solo – they may put the link on facebook and wonder WHY they are not seeing YOU GOT MONEY in their emails.

Well, duh – it takes work – it takes having a list – how do you get that list – you get that list by branding yourself – building a relationship with people so that when they are on your list they know that they can trust you – so when you have a program or product you want to share – you have a list that is ready to listen – that is when you will see YOU GOT MONEY.

Come on people – if you don’t know the people on your list then do you know how you going to come across trying to sell someone anything without really knowing who they are or what they even NEED. I mean you can’t sell someone camping gear if they don’t like camping and how do you know what they like or don’t like or more importantly what they NEED if you don’t get to know them???????

AND does this happen in a couple chats – probably not – it takes time – think about it – would you feel comfortable doing business with someone that knocked on your front door and just said I’m Sally can I be your friend and then you never see them again – well these social networks are no different.

So if you are NOT getting emails with YOU GOT MONEY – ask yourself why?  What are you  NOT doing?  How are you building your list?  Do you know the people on your list?

One more point I want to make before I close is……….getting referrals, adding to your list, getting leads – whatever name you put on it – does not happen overnight, in a week, in a month and sometimes it don’t even happen in a year.

If you don’t have yourself branded as someone who is to be trusted, someone that is there to help others, someone that is going to be around for awhile – have you done that for yourself ; then you have your work cut out for you.  After you have done these things and built your list, it’s then and only then,  you will get emails with the heading YOU GOT MONEY.

If any of you need help and are still struggling, skype me @ nancyradlinger.

10 thoughts on “You Got Money………

  1. Hi there Nancy,
    Another great post there my friend. I am trying really I am.
    I know I will get there in the end. As you say we all have to
    put in the time first.


    • Thanks Kevan I know you are as I can see that you are – Craig and I get around places and we know the ones that are trying – keep up the good work – it will happen my friend.

  2. Awesome post Nancy, and that is sooo true. Get to know the people and they will get to know you and then the trust is built between you. Then you can say—>>> I got money…Good job. Keep up the awesome work. Thanks

    • Thanks Dave and you know how this goes as I know you are at the point of seeing emails that say You Got Money – but I also know how long you have been working at this and how hard – thanks for commenting

  3. Nancy,

    I can’t agree with you more on this topic. In any type of marketing endeavor, people are more inclined to buy/join/listen to those people they are familiar with and have built a relationship. So often, many newbies are looking for overnight sucess financially but don’t consider the human element of relationship building. With out it, you’re competing an already over saturated market and your just the latest and greatest thing to come along before the next thing. All GREAT things take time, a commodity that most take for granted or don’t even consider. “YOU’VE GOT MONEY” doesn’t happe till you “TAKE YOUR TIME”.


    • Thanks Charletta – it does take time and that is what so many don’t have the patience for – BUT if they can stay determined – it will happen. You have to give them people the reason WHY should I buy/join/listen to you – if you think about it – Coffee is sold in lot of places but WHY do you buy it from where you buy it from?

  4. Words of wisdom to live or die by. Very well said, and right to the point. Folks need to understand that 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, may be time taken away from promoting…..but when you speak to a person one on one, you ARE promoting. In fact, you are promoting as strong as if you were talking to 100 people in a solo ad that you don’t know. You definitely earn from that interaction…whether in the bank account now, or later.

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