Lessons to be learned – just keep an open mind

You know sometimes we have a rough week, bumps in our road, and we even get kicked off our horse of determination sometimes BUT my favorite quote always comes to mind during these times.

“It’s not what happens that really matters, but how you handle it will make all the difference”

So as I’m experiencing one of these bumps, thought I’d share with everyone the lesson I got from this one. On Twitter, this week, I went to follow another person and I got this message that I could not add this person as I had reached my limit of 2000 blah, blah, blah.

Well, this was just one more thing added to my not so great week – but today I decided to tackle this problem and look at my Twitter account – and wow the lesson I learned today is that this was the best thing that could have happened and here is why.

When I first set up my Twitter account, my interest, the things I enjoyed and were promoting were totally different than where I am today. As I went thru my contacts, I could see there were people that I was following during my construction of my kitchen 3 years ago that I really didn’t need to be following anymore.  I also was selling alot on ebay and followed many people and sites pertaining to research on antiques, etc. which I’m not doing anymore either and the list goes on and on.

As I kept going thru the list, there were many sites and people that I was following that had NOTHING to do with where my life has taken me today. How about yours??????

So there are lessons to be learned – just got to keep an open mind and see them when they are staring us in the face. And yes some of these lessons take time to correct but is the time worth it – my answer is YES.

With the variety of people and sites that I was following, I can see that it would be confusing to people when viewing my Twitter account – are you presenting that same picture to others???

When was the last time you looked at who you are following and who your followers are?? Does you profile reflect YOU now in the present?? Is your profile confusing your viewers?? Are you getting a clear message to them??

I spent the day cleaning my Twitter account up and now it reflects where I am today – does yours????

24 thoughts on “Lessons to be learned – just keep an open mind

  1. Wow, Nancy that is a great lesson to learn, I never thought of that. Its a great way to pinpoint exactly the type of people you are trying to get .Thanks again for sharing a great lesson.

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce

    • Yes Susie – was a nice lesson for me and remember how upset I was at the time – but turned a negative into a positive – this is good 🙂

  2. WOW Nancy, I never even thought about it! How long did it take you review 2000 profiles? That alone boggles the mind. I guess I need to carve out some time to review who I am following. Thanks for a great post.

    Lynn “lynnibug” Rios
    Skype: lynnibug

    • Well, Lynn has taken me most of the day and was a very interesting experience – but like a walk down memory lane and showed me just how far I have come also – great lesson

  3. Great lesson to share with everyone Nancy. I learned this lesson a little while ago and this just reminded me to clean house again. It is amazing how things change in short periods too. You should do this about once every couple of months. You will be surprised at the changes that are made. Another thing to look at when doing this is when the last time the people you are following and the ones that are following you posted or had any activity in their twitter accounts too. Great way to clean house. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great Nancy – I don´t even have a Twitter account yet….lol – but I experienced the same thing with other programs – It´s a good reminder of cleaning up and Re-new your info 😉
    Thanks – Keep up your Great blog!

  5. Hi Nancy!
    Your quote at the top of your article struck a chord with me. I had a bump in the road last night and was very frustrated. But, I pushed through it. That makes all the difference!
    Thanks so much,

    • Thanks Stacia and I know what you mean – I get them all the time – and I get back up on my horse of determination and move on – hope you did also.

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