How to promote your blog and get new followers

Often as I’m going around and commenting on blogs, I see the same people commenting on the same blogs all the time – this can be good and bad and here are my thoughts.

When you get to a blog you do want to see that there is some activity there such as comments, the author is active also with new postings.  Now the secret that I do is that when I’m in a writing mood, I will write say 5-7 articles at a time but I don’t post them all right away.  It’s surprising the people that don’t know that you can schedule your post – click on the edit by the publish and put in the date that you would like your post to come out.  (Quick lesson in Time Management)

So you have gotten your blog going, you have a great archive of post, you are starting to get followers, but have you paid attention that the people that comment on your blog are the same ole crowd all the time.   This is great for them as they are creating backlinks BUT too many repeats tells me that you have gotten too comfortable where you are and not promoting your blog.

You need to promote your blog to get NEW eyes seeing your blog – you can’t be content on just a small handful commenting all the time.  You have to take the next step and I’m going to help you with by explaining some of what I do.

One of the first places that I go to meet new people and get them to my blog is and I’ll tell you why.  The people that have joined the group is already interested in blogging – so what better way to share your blog than with other blogger.  So you just go in the group and start visiting other’s blogs – comment and create your backlinks – what happens……….you got their attention now and they are going to come to your blog to see what you are doing.

Now there are lot of blogging groups on facebook and here is how I found them – go to your search bar on facebook and just type in blogging and you will see all kinds of groups pop up – join them and get to know other bloggers.

After each post don’t forget to ping your blog and I did an earlier post on that and here is that post for you that missed it

Remember to ping your social sites with as mentioned in the above post on pinging.  I can add my blog link on facebook, twitter, myspace, stumbleupon, digg, linkedin just to name a few of my favorites all with one click.

Another way that I promote my blog and get new followers is that when I’m doing my keyword research – I click on a keyword phrase that I am thinking of using and see what come up on the first page – then I look for blogs that have the same things that I’m writing about or thinking about writing about and I comment on them.  This is also a great way to meet new people that share your same interest – that gives you a  common bond with them already – so makes it easier to start chatting with them.

Well going to stop here as this gives you a great start to find fresh eyes, meet new people and promote your blog and get new followers.

21 thoughts on “How to promote your blog and get new followers

  1. Thanks for this post Nancy, I am trying to keep up with blogging and pinging. Time just seems to be my anamy at the moment. I need to scheduel these days to make my blog more trafficble./Anette

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Great info, I do make it a routine to ping my posts and articles but never thought of using the blogging groups in Facebook. So love to learn how others are working their blogs and web businesses. Keep up the good work.

    Keep It Pawsitive,

    Skype me = cashqueenkc

    • Thanks Karen – I know I even get busy sometimes and forget to ping all the time but at least I have it set up to auto ping at pingomatic 🙂

  3. I always enjoy your informative posts Nancy. Thank you so much for sharing.This is such helpful information for me. I truly have to get to blogging more and pinging as well. Again, I thank you for sharing information that most people would charge for.

    • Thanks Tammie and it’s not easy to get into a routine to keep fresh content on your blogs but keep trying and you will get into a routine – looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  4. Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…my nearby WI neighbor. 🙂

    Excellent pointers you have shared in your article, we must Blog ‘outside the box’ for sure.

    I have recently downloaded the Alexa Toolbar, it displays the rank of a site in real time as I’m surfing wherever. When I leave a comment, I know instantly which Blogs should drive more traffic back to my own…it’s a nifty tool!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

    • Always great seeing you and thanks for the info on the Alexa Toolbar – you always seem to fine neat tool – will have to check it out

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