Tired of the idle promises???????

I know I was sick of them – offer after offer and then it was not what you expected or to get more info you had to pay 29.95 – uckkkkkkkkkkk

Well my partner, Craig Caron and I got sick of it and created a website that took all the BS out of things.  We have it set up for you to join and get the answers that you are looking for, be provided the training that you need to grow your online business.  We have built a team of mentors and coaches that help you along the way.  Other successful business people that got tired of all the BS also.

The best part is that it’s free – yea I know bet  you never expect that huh?  Here is reason, when you are first starting out – you don’t have the money to keep investing in this 29.95 program all over the place – you need the training and you need it NOW.

Here is the reason for Family Networker – this gives you the platform for that training, gives you the mentoring that you need, gives you the support that you need, and has a Skype support room full of coaches and leaders willing to help you.

So what is the catch you are thinking – there is none.  It’s just that there is a need out there and a demand.  This is the best way to be successful online – helping others – I had a mentor tell me once – Nancy – stop chasing the money – keep helping others and the money will follow – you know he was right.

This DOES NOT happen overnight, there is NO BIG RED EASY BUTTON – it’s take work on your part with the willingness to learn and most important the desire to take ACTIONAll the training in the world won’t do you any good if you are not willing to take ACTION.

If you are at this point, then Family Networker is here for you – check us out


12 thoughts on “Tired of the idle promises???????

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I totally agree. Nothing worse than seeing empty promises time and time again. But wow, I am so thankful for you and Craig to consider all the individuals that are thirsting and hungry for some place to receive the knowledge, skills, training that is necessary to be successful. It because of both of your efforts and caring hearts that we have a wonderful place to go to.

    I wouldnt have succeeded in the steps I now have, if it wasnt because of you.

    Thanks to you and Craig for making a big impact. thanks to Family Networkers.

    susie moore
    skype smsforce

    • You are welcome Susie but we really did it all together – we have a great wonderful team and am looking forward to our journey. Thanks for being an active part.

    • Thanks Jon and you did an awesome job on your post also – your site sure has developed and has been great to watch – am so glad that you are part of our Team.

  2. Hi there Nancy,
    There you see just what I was saying. You are here there and everywhere. And what is it you are doing. Easy answer that. spending your time effort and I am sure with some of us at least your patience. Hehe:) this family networker is such a great place. Plus like we all say. Where else can you go and get all that the site has to offer for *free* Wow great place..


    • Thanks Kevan and it is wonderful seeing the steps that people are making and I love being there to give them the support that they need – and that is also need in our journey – thanks for being a part of this wonderful Team

  3. Fabulous post Nancy. It is amazing how many promises you really do get that are only promises. I am so glad you and Craig and the whole Family Networking Family are willing to help others the way you are promising and it isn’t just hype. That is true leadership and I am very proud to say I am part of this family.

    • Thanks Tammie and you are so right – over the years I have had many of those promises and was just tired of it – Craig and I both love helping others and are sooooooo enjoying our new family – we are glad that you are part of our family.

  4. How right your are! We’ve all been handed empty promises that just never happen. It’s taken a long time to land on Family Networker. Everyone keeps their promises, everyone helps, everyone is awesome.

    Great post!

  5. you are so right Nancy i know a few of those people who think there’s an easy button out there in cyber land so while they waste their time trying to find the get rich now I’m just steadily earning my money. It’s just like the old tale of the hare and the tortoise. Take it slow and steady to win the race.

  6. Most people in the marketing business are only looking for selling and to grab your money. They never tend to realize the benefits of helping their customers out. Even when something they have sold have some faults they are no longer interested in your problems. Those are the people who do not create friendship with their customers. They seems to have forgot that a long time relationship with their customers will actually ad more value and more money. You are defentely none of those people Nancy, and when people around us realize what Family Networker do and the value it will create for anyone signing up it will sure blow people away. /Anette

    • Thanks Anette – you are so right people have forgotten some of the basics – and that is customers service, helping others and treat others like you would be liked to be treated. I’m so excited about Family Networker and going to enjoy seeing it really grow and thanks for being such an active member

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