Reasons why to comment on blogs or articles

Over the years, I have learned that commenting on others blogs and articles is a great way to get yourself branded more and people to pay attention to what you have to say.

Personally, I don’t think people comment enough on others blogs and the benefits are so numerous compared to a few minutes of your time.

Here are some of the benefits that I see

The main one is that if you are blogger and are disappointed that you don’t get comments – well the thing to do is start commenting on others – be the first to take action – don’t wait on everyone else – people notice these things.

This is an excellent way to get to know the author and other people that are commenting – if you have a hard time meeting people – what better way than meet the ones that are commenting on the same blog that you just read – you have that bond already.

When you leave a nice comment on someones blog/article don’t you think you stand a better chance of someone clicking on your link and check out what other great info you might have.

Don’t just say great post, nice job, looking forward to your next post – those short comments are not much different than all the spam comments that you can get. What you do is find something in the post that you liked and add to it, find that bond with the author and you.

Pay attention to others comments as this is a great source for a blog posts – you can see what people are commenting on, what they are needing help with.

Show the author respect when commenting as you never know who is reading what you wrote and this could come back and bite you later down the road. Remember the author took their time to write the article and if you are like me and don’t enjoy this part – so comment in the tone that you would want someone to respond to yours.

Don’t be afraid to talk back to your audience – take the time to answer any questions and I personally install a plug-in that send everyone a thank you for commenting.

The biggest benefit is the backlinks that you are creating. This will be my next blog post – so stay tuned.

24 thoughts on “Reasons why to comment on blogs or articles

  1. HI Nancy,

    thanks for the wonderful blog. I agree 100 percent, comments are very enlightening to the writer as well as to the reader. Readers most likely will read the previous comments to see what they have said. If you left some interesting details, that reader more likely also will go to your blog to see what information you may have.

    I want to thank you for your continuation of very informative blogs.

    Susie Moore
    skype: smsforce

    • Thanks Susie for also being a loyal reader and am glad you enjoy my post – I just love helping others and it’s very rewarding to see others benefiting

  2. Bravo Nancy! I hope everyone reads this. It is so important to let authors, who have worked so hard, know that you have enjoyed the post and walked away with something. I always walk away with great things from you.

    • Thanks Ellen for being a loyal reader and I value you comments as I know how great a writer you are and your writing has helped me develop my skills – thanks.

  3. I think many people get discouraged and quit writing on their blogs because like you stated no one leaves a comment. Sometimes people don’t leave comments because they don’t know how to express themselves in words and for fear that they will get a negative comment.

    • You are so right Donna as I was guilty of that when I first started but someone has to make the first step – take action and unless you do – you could be waiting a long time for those comments – just my opinion 🙂

  4. As Always Nancy, you have shared a great tool to help others to grow their business. I agree with you on everything. I always learn something new from reading your posts, always. Thank you so much for the great job you do.

    • Thanks Tammie and glad I can help – I just love sharing things that I have learned along the way – hoping to save my readers some time by sharing my tips with them. Thanks for being a loyal reader.

  5. Nancy,

    You are so right. It only takes a few minutes really to let someone know they did a good job. Additionally you raise awareness to yourself and your content.

    I like it!

    Kris Hanks

    • Thanks Kathy and that is why I love doing this blog – it’s really not that I’m that smart – I’m just sharing my experiences with others and sometimes life’s lessons are the best teachers – even for me

  6. Yes Nancy, comments on blogs are really a good traffic generator. I noticed when I had 15 informative comments on one of my posts I got a high spot on google search. I was doing a keyword search for another post and I found my blog was on the third line. That was so cool. The more content in your comments will generate more traffi to yours and other peoples blogs.

    • Ohhhhhhh I hear you Anette – that is such a great feeling as I also have done that – doing keyword research and find one of my blog post on the front page – that sure does make your day 🙂

  7. who says u can learn something from a blog i sure do every time i read them yours are very helpfull to me and everyone thanks for the tips nancy

  8. Thank you Nancy for all these great blogs posts. We are learning all the time.
    Plus you are there to lend a helping hand as and when it is needed.
    Thank you for that also.


  9. Hi Nancy,

    Great information. Being a new blogger myself, I have learned so much from you. I didn’t know there was a plugin that helps you send thank you’s to those commenting on your blog. Another lesson learned.

    Thank you

  10. Nancy well put.It is all about being social and commenting on people’s blogs/writings is just another way. Being social helps people to get to know you which in turn helps drive more traffic to your site for them to become future paying customers.

    So how do you install that plugin for Thank You’s?

    • Melody – thanks for visiting my blog and that plug in is called WP Comment Auto Responder but after you install it make sure you edit it as the english is not that great (wink)

  11. Another great post on a favorite subject.
    For the past few years I have set a side minimum 1/2 hour per day for Blog Reading and commenting in my Niche Areas.
    Using Google Alerts set for my Best Keywords, offers me an easy Road Map, every day.

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