How to add a fan page facebook badge

If you have a fan page that you would like to let others know about, then this video will help you add your – as you will see in the video I added mine to my blog.

11 thoughts on “How to add a fan page facebook badge

    • Thanks David – thanks for teaching me how to use camtasia – I would never be able to these and help others if you had not helped me ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

    • Thanks Ellen, I knew you would like this one – you know me always looking for that new things to make it easy for people to get to where I need them to go

  1. Hi there Nancy,
    That is a great bit of teaching there.
    Thank you very much. I got it on but it is
    not right so will have to ry again later.


    • Thanks I try to as I know how I feel when people try to explain things and I just set that and go……what are they talkign about…… so I’m trying to explain things as simple as I can

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