My Review on Global NPN

I have been working online for 3 years now and have lost more money than I have made until now. This program has turned things around for me and it can you also. The best part I love is that it not only helps me but lets me help my downline. The backoffice is unbelieveable with all the tools that it has available for you to use.

Like you, I was leary and thought yea just another one that won’t work – so I joined at the pro level which was 10.75 and I had my money made back with just 3 referrals and that never happened before – well that got me going – so kept telling my friends and then got my 1st level of 5 and doubled my money.

I’m very happy with this program and now my first level are happy and you can see what this can do for you – just be sure to take the time to train your first level – and then watch the results.

Here is a quick list of why I joined  Global NPN

* Low monthly fee of only $10.75 a month for all the services and business opportunity.

* Down line builder – advertise up to 3 of your  favorite websites or affiliate programs.

* URL rotator to help keep your advertising easy.

* Leads blaster and ad trackers are included in the service.  Know where your leads are coming from – very important

Lead capture pages and auto responders – can make it easy to brand YOU on these pages and keep it personal with the auto responder.

* 5×5 forced matrix – you will receive spillover and monthly residual from it.  New feature – by using the R.D.S. System – you can help your downline automatically.

* Refer only 2 members and Global NPN is practically free.

* Can use e-certificates to help other members join and prepay their way into the business.

* Banner rotator that rotates throughout the Global NPN network – up to 3 banners to rotate.

* Global NPN is international  – so anyone can sign up under you.

* Global NPN pays you monthly after your account reaches only $20.00 or more.

If you would like to join our TEAM contact me on Skype @ nancyradlinger

The NPN Review

11 thoughts on “My Review on Global NPN

  1. I agree with you 100%.NPN is a great business to be involved in. Not only exceptional teamwork to help you build your downline, but an outstanding back office loaded with tools to assist your every need.

  2. There has been so much activity in our skype room about Global NPN and I’m excited! The back office tools are outstanding….This is a keeper!

  3. Great review Nancy

    Im not just saying this but Nancy is right. They have such a great compensation plan and i already am in profit around $100 just in 7 days.

    The great thing is, the team work. Everyone helps everyone grow.

  4. This is a well written review and straight to the important points- all the reasons it is an awesome program.

    It is a cool program I know I will do great with.

    • Hi and am glad that you joined NPN – do you know who your sponsor is? The way that you find that out who they are – you go to your backoffice at NPN and click on my contacts and see who the first one on your list are and they are your sponsor and should be able to answer your questions – let me know what I can do to help you

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