Ping – what is it and how to ping

I know you think I have lost my mind and how can one word help get traffic to my site – well it’s a word that most don’t even know about, maybe have heard but just don’t know what it is or how to do it.

Ok, here is the Wikipedia definition of “Ping” Ping is a computer network admin utility used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for packets sent from the local host to a destination computer, including the local host’s own interfaces.

If you have a blog that you are posting to daily or weekly, then you need to be pinging your blog url – and you are wondering where you start – well here is where I started. Ping O Matic You just add your blog title, your blog url and your rss feed url and then I clicked all – then send ping and watch the magic.

Now you just let the search engines know that you are out here and that you have some info to share. In doing my research, I found this excellent lens on squidoo that I would like to share with you.

Everytime that you add a new post to your blog, don’t forget to ping your site. This post will give you enough info to get started – to learn more just google free pinging, pinging your site, etc.

One more that I really like is and the reason that I like this one so much is that you can add your social media and it will ping for you.

The best part that I like is that you can add skype in this also and then just add a message and it will send it out for you to the places you have on your network – pretty cool huh?

Ok, go get your homework done and let’s get those site PINGED

29 thoughts on “Ping – what is it and how to ping

    • Well what I did since I use skype alot is that when I was adding my social networks for pinging – they had one there that said skype – so I clicked on that one and what is does is let you add it as a contact and then you type in a message and click enter and then it sends your message to all your social networks that you have added – I’m loving this one and then it will comment back to you and acknowledge that it did it – really cool

  1. Thanks for the great tips. Social bookmarking is also a great thing to do to get more traffic. If you do this along with pinging your blog everytime you submit a post you will get some great traffic.

    You should submit a post once a day or even 5 days out of the week for maximum results.

  2. I’ve been pinging for about 2 years now Nancy. It is the greatest online free tool to get exposure for your business. Google will post everything you submit online. Really helps with ranking. Thank you for another great article!

  3. Great post Nancy,

    I knew about Ping o Matic but I didn’t know about

    Plus I will definitely check out the Squidoo lens about Ping. You know I’m a huge fan of Squidoo.
    Thanks for this useful information.


  4. Nancy, I really would like to thank you for all the great advise you give so freely. I know your advise works too. I have listened very closely to what you say. This is another great tip from a great lady. Thank you.

  5. Awesome information Nancy! I learned about pinging when I first started but had forgotten all about it until your article reminded me… Thank you so much for the reminders=) Very nice and helpful, thank you.

  6. Glad that this post is so helpful – thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone – love them and appreciate each one of you (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))

  7. Hi there Nancy,
    Yes well admit I did start to ues the pinging bit
    But then for no reason that I know of or maybe
    just being lazy I stopped. So having said that
    Start again I will. Great posty TY.


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