I got a great blog post – now what?

Interesting how you can get questions from friends and realize that it would make a great post. Many have started writing blogs and have some great info to share with others but then it just sits there and you don’t get any comments or know how to get people to see it. So here are a few of my secrets for getting people to my blog.

First, I send out a ping to all my social sites that I have a new post. If you have no clue what I’m talking about then you missed reading a previous post – check it out here Learn this word and get traffic to your site

Then after I have done that, I go to my facebook account and I post in these groups – these are just a few of my favorites
Bloggers Cafe

Get Your Blog Followers

Post YOUR Blogs!!

Post Your URL

Network Marketing Friends

Network, Promote, Post!

Post Anything

Now just don’t go in there and post – you have to also build a relationship with the group – stop and visit some of the blogs and then comment – and when others see you do this, then they will start returning the favor. This does NOT happen overnight and with your first post – this is something that you have to keep doing each time that you write a new post.

Like with all the other things that you do with marketing – you get back what you put in – you don’t leave any comments on others – you not going to get any on yours. The next thing that you notice is that you will start getting new followers – trust me it will happen.

And I’m sure by now you are thinking this woman is nuts – how in the world do you do all this – there is no way. Here is a gold nugget for you – when you get to Bloggers Cafe – you don’t have to comment on all of them like I do as I’m the creator of that group and it’s my job to do that – but what you do is scan the post in there and try and find 2 in each group and post a comment – then move to the next group, find 2 more and keep going. You get the idea – it really don’t take that long folks – it’s worth the effort.

13 thoughts on “I got a great blog post – now what?

  1. More great tips! Thank you so much Nancy. You are awesome. It is wonderful to know that there are some people who really want to teach you the right way of doing things (for free) right from the start. Thank you again.

  2. These are good tips to know. It’s time for me to get a blog started myself. I’ll be looking foward to more useful tips from you here. Thank you, Nancy.

  3. Hi there Nancy,
    My thank you very much
    great load of info here
    Also read the one before
    about pinging.
    Keep up the good work

    Skype: kevanbrock

  4. Those are excellent tips Nancy. I’d like to suggest another. Invite guest bloggers to post on your blog maybe once a week or month. You can also join or start a tribe. If you’re wondering what on earth is a tribe, it’s a group of dedicated bloggers that comment on each others blogs. Don’t comment for commenting sakes but give meaningful feedback. Hope that helps.


    • Thanks for the tip and have never heard of a tribe but interesting concept – that I what we try to do with our skype group and it seems to be working – skype me sometimes – would love to chat more nancyradlinger

  5. Thanks for these tips Nancy, this morning I joined your bloggers cafe on facebook. It’s nice to when people help each other out by supporting/posting comments as long as they are sincere, you know what I mean? I have seen many comments that seem so plain, so out of place…left JUST to get their link out there. It doesn’t take much to actually read the post and leave a good comment!

    I wish you nothing but the best Nancy…have a super day!
    ~Nicole Acosta
    skype: nicoleacosta1

    • Hey stranger nice to see that you are out and about – been seeing you on a few of the sites – guess it’s getting time for you little one to be heading back to school – they start here next week

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