How I come up with things to post about

You know if anyone had told me 3 years ago that I would be blogging I would have laughed so hard as I’m not a writer at all. But I had a friend of mine tell me to just write like I talk and is why you get a combo of southern hillbilly living in the North lololol

So when I first started, I was at a lost on what to write about – what in the world can I talk about that others will want to read. I have to admit that even in the beginning – I even posted emails that I got that I wanted to share with other for the lack of knowing what to write about.

But you know how I have come up with what to post about – everyday life give you so much if you will just let it. I’ll give you some examples – when I first started it seem that I was just brain dead, writer’s block you know what I mean. Well, if you are struggling and then learn how to get past it – that would be great info for someone to read – there are lot of people out there with the same issues you have and it’s great to read how other cope, get thru and keep moving forward.

What I have learned to do is keep a tablet with me all the time (a great friend shared this tip with me) then when those thoughts jump in my head I write them down – so the next time that I feel like writing – I have something to write about.

No, I don’t write everyday, the trick that I use is that when the words are flowing, I write several post and then publish them to come out every 3 – 4 days – this is great time management – at least for me.

Now the other thing I use to come up with things to post about is I listen, listen, listen – if you listen to what others are saying they will give you ideas on what they need help with and that is the easiest way for me to get post ideas.

Hope that this breaks your mental block and if you get bored check out my new video post – grandkids give you plenty to write about if you let them.

2 thoughts on “How I come up with things to post about

  1. HI Nancy,

    Wow , how true, I remember the other day I was having that problem and you gave me some helpful hints how to find topics. This information above does certainly help out us bloggers where to get insight and ideas. Matter of fact , in a webinar listening to the speaker I came across one of my blog ideas. it was great. thanks

    susie moore
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