Why Do I Tolerate This?????

Well, as frustrated as I get because the deer eat my plants – I have to say that I do have a soft place in my heart for them.   I have been blessed with my home so I guess I have to learn to share my little bit of heaven with God’s creatures.

These two especially as they were fawns last year and got pretty use to the dog and me – so now even if the dog is out in the yard they still come in. They let me walk out on my deck tonight and takes these so I could share with everyone………

We have had some rain off and on most of the day and when it finally stopped I noticed that some of apples had fell from my trees – well sure enough I’m not the only one that noticed – hope you enjoy these as much as I did……….and this is why I tolerate them……………

16 thoughts on “Why Do I Tolerate This?????

  1. Wonderful pictures, Nancy! Just love these little guys – I’m sooo jealous! LOL

    All Creatures Great and Small, The Lord God Made Them All!

  2. love the deer nancy.a lot of deer on my school bus rt here in waupaca too.
    not every ones garden looks as nice as yours tho..very very nice also quite relaxing to view.
    you are one of those rare gifted people with a very green thumb..Bill

  3. Hey Nancy

    Great shots of the deer.

    I get deer in my backyard but by
    the time i even get outside to check
    them out there booking down the field.

    As you can see i’m not used to seeing deer.

    I’m originally from Chicago and now live in NC.

    So every time i see one, its kind of exciting.

    I just want to pet one so bad..

    Talk Soon and thanks for the pics. Really cool


    • Oh I can get pretty close to these two as they were born here and played in the yard last year as fawns and were cute – this year they are not so cute lololol especially when they are eating my flowers. I was born and raised in NC – small world.

  4. Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for inviting me to your Blog…it’s so nice meeting you. 🙂

    OMG, your property is gorgeous & do you have an all-season cabin for rent somewhere on it? The deer visitor is a reminder of how we must live in harmony with the animal kingdom.

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

  5. Terrific pics. We have a farm in NC , so I feel your pain. The deer, rabbits, and everything else. But when I see our little rabbit family scrambling about, I have to smile. And thank God. 🙂 I found you from Get Your Blog Followers. Have a sweet week.

    • Yea I know – glad you found me I’m originally from NC – been Wisconsin now for 30 years and love it here – I don’t miss the snakes down there lol

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