Why a PTC site?

As the owner/operator of PTC (paid to click) sites, I am amazed at how many people that really don’t understand what and why you should join a PTC site.

The first thing I have to tell you that yes you can earn money from these sites BUT they ARE NOT designed to be your source of income. Now I know most of you don’t want to hear that and some will disagree with me as you might be making some money with them.

The sites were designed to encourage others to view your ads – and that is why you will see many sites offering .00025 per click for you to view the site. Now if you just did the math, you will see that you will have to view 1000 sites to earn .25.

So now let me explain how I feel that you should use a PTC as a tool for building your business, your downline, get referrals to YOUR real money making programs.

With any advertising, online or offline, it’s keeping the name out there – and this is one of the many ways that you can do that. Everyday people click on the sites and after seeing a site over and over again – the light bulb goes on and you finally got them curious but you are not going to do that if you don’t keep your URL out there – no matter what you are promoting.

Now a few tips here when joining a PTC site – if on the front page of the site there is a sweetheart special and it’s April – that tells me that the site owner doesn’t come to the site that often and they can’t even keep the specials updated – then they are not going to be promoting their site either – so that you get more people to view your site. I would NOT join a site like that.

Another thing that I look at are the sites stats – How many members, how many clicks, and the other thing is how many are really clicking – and you can tell that all on the front page also in the Daily Top 5, 10, 15, 25. If a site is getting alot of activity, then this is a place you want to have your URL.

Now here is another myth that is floating around about the new shared revenue sites. They don’t pay, they are a scam etc. am sure you have heard all the rumors.

Well, I’m here to tell you that they are not – and here is what happens. The payouts are based on the amount of revenue that the site has taken in for the month. You are given more per click (0.01, 0.05, 0.07, 0.08 even) and your cash adds up quicker. Well, when you get to the minimum payout (usually $25.00) – most of these sites pay once a month – so gives you plenty of time for you build up your money.

Now what happens is that you are paid a % of the sites revenue based on your earnings – so the more you click the more you earn from the sites revenue. Upgraded members get paid even more and on most sites get to click on more sites for being upgraded.

Now remember I said earlier about using these sites as a tool – well this is another great asset for the members of shared revenue sites and you can trade in your earning for your own advertising. I don’t know about you, but to me that is a better in the long run vs clicking for a small amount of money – I would rather have my program or programs out there for you to click on that I use to make my money online.

If anyone would like to discuss this further with me contact me on Skype @ nancyradlinger

14 thoughts on “Why a PTC site?

  1. Well said Nancy. PTC sites is not get rich sites, as you say it is a TOOL to use and gain beneficial advertising for anyone that are interested in do real marketing and earn a residual income.

  2. Good job Nancy, I actually use PTC sites as a way to gain another stream of income as well as gain more visitors to my sites as it is a great place to advertise. I also use the funds I make from these sites as feeder funds for other programs that make income. Great job Nancy.

    • You can go to the right of the page and be added to my friends list – thanks for letting me know how you found me

  3. thanks Nancy, personally I know some ptc sites, but I confess that no offers as much confidence as your. I am affiliate to some of your sites (Rosebux, Fairy Tail, etc) and go way first collection now at the end of the month. Thank you very much by your contribution, to you we will continue supporting. Marcelo (mqlogistica)

    • Thanks and so happy that you are part of my family of sites and look forward to working with you more – if you have any questions, be sure to let me know

  4. Nancy,,, now I understand more why people spend so much time clicking through ppc’s
    I personally never have or will as I do not have the patience for it,,,
    However you could not be more right that you must keep your ulr in front of people at all times to get the results!

    Great info

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