Feeling Frustrated with YOUR Results?

You are not the only one as we all get this way and I have to share my last couple days of frustration with you. After reading this, I want you to know that you are not alone get back on track like I have.

So many times I’m asked why do you put all these hours in for peanuts? Do you ever sleep? Do you live in front of the computer? How can you do all that you do? Why don’t you find a real job? Any of these sound familiar?

Well, I have to tell you that as hard as I try NOT to have these thoughts – they do happen. But you know what – the reason that we put in these hours at the beginning for peanuts is that we have a bigger picture that we are working toward.

Yes, we do sleep as we have to refresh our brains – if you try and work without rest – you make more mistakes. I have read some postings that I have done when I have been so tired I could hardly hold my head up and the next day redid them.

Most of the time I do feel like I live in front of this computer but this week I have discovered I really don’t lolol. My granddaughter came for a visit and even tho there were things that I needed to do – her and I are having a wonderful time.

Also, I have found that since I took up line dancing – that is the best therapy for me – when I’m line dancing – I’m listening to the music, concentrating on the steps and this computer world disappears – it is great for me mentally and physically.

I’m asked so many times how I can do what I do and you know the secret that I have learned is NOT to dwell on your to do list – jot down your DONE TODAY LIST – and then when you think wow another day gone by and don’t feel like you accomplished anything – look at your DONE TODAY LIST – you will even amaze yourself – I do.

Well this last one is what I heard from my family and it’s hard not to get the support that you need from family members BUT I have found that most offline friends just don’t understand what we really do. There are plenty of online friends that are there for you, to give you support, to chat with about everything as they understand. I use to let this bother me but I know this is a real job and for once in my life I LOVE MY JOB.

Saving the best to last, the real reason I do what I do …………

Jumping for JOY !
Doing a funny Happy dance !
Talented huh πŸ™‚

Just letting you know that I got my FIRST direct referral today in NeoBux
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It must of seen a banner, Because I never could figure out how to put the NeoBux
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I Love RoseBux
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Hugs to ya ,

This my friend is why we do what we do – we are here helping others and this is our reward – it may not happen daily but it does happen.

So pick yourself up and get back on that horse of determination and let’s keep doing what we do – your rewards will come.

17 thoughts on “Feeling Frustrated with YOUR Results?

  1. Great post Nancy, I hope a lot of members read & get a little more understanding, like the ones that enter sites & do not understand why they are not approved in a hour. Members need to understand while we might be at our computers for hours & even fall asleep sitting here we do have a life too. We volunteer all those hours because we love to help people when we can. I hope all that read this get a little better understanding of the word hectic.
    Arch Hits

  2. We do tend to forget what we really DO and accomplish. Even if they are smal. I feel there is another aspect to ad, and that is the FUN we have while doing what we do. Great post Nancy.

  3. Wow Girl, you hit the nail right on the head.This is a real encouragement and I am definitely glad you wrote it. It is truly a blessing to know I am not alone and you are right we do just have to get back on track and continue forward. I actually just said yesterday, “life is full of so many ups and downs, sometimes you don’t know which way you are going. The key is just to strive to go up no matter which way you are headed”. It amazes me how GREAT minds think alike. Keep up the great work.

  4. Awesome post Nancy and you could not be more right!
    People who make those comments to all of us are the uninformed as I see it.
    10-1 if all of them would take the time to get INFORMED they would be hooked and work as hard as we do..
    All I can say is that is why we are the 3% er’s

  5. Nancy has some great PTC sites and Traffic Exchanges. She always pays fast. Knowing this I always appreciate the advice she gives me because I know it to be honest advice. Thank you Nancy

  6. Wow! Awesome post Nancy. I appreciate the reasons why we sit here at this computer at the beginning for peanuts also because we see something bigger down the road. If everyone commented then they would all get backlinked… Great job

  7. Nancy, what wonderfully awesome information. I love your suggestion about the “Done List” To focus on what you have done gives a person a sense of accomplishment and is a powerful affirmation as well as a tool you can use to motivate and encourage yourself! Thank you so much!


  8. I really like you blog Nancy! Especially the header. A lot of interesting content here. Since I love to dance I think I will try that one week-end to get away from the computer. Great Job Nancy!

  9. I believe we all feel totally frustrated at times; we might even be ready to give up. Thanks to articles like this, we are given that encouraging nudge to keep striving, to achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality. Thank you Nancy!

  10. Wonderful Nancy! Yes, Yes, we all get discouraged and down and we do need to look at what we have accomplished. It takes time, patience and desire! You’ve Got All Three!

  11. Hey Nancy.

    Thanks for that. Great advice.

    I understand where your coming from but when it comes down to it,it can be very stressful in the beginning especially when your not making money.

    We all need a break sometimes and taking a break really is more of a learning experience.

    Why is that you ask.

    Well it clears your mind from all that stress from learning things and taking in all the information.

    This is called information overload.

    Taking a break refreshes your mind and takes out alot of the stress so when you come back you will

    1. remember things better from what you have learned

    2. brings down that anxiety and stress.

    3. Overall brings a refreshed feeling into your self confidence.

    Also sometimes the β€œessence” of certain events or tangible things can be more important to how we feel than actually having more of exactly the same thing.

    The main thing is to enjoy life and relax

    Take your frustrations one frustration at a time and capitalize on what your frustrated about and bring yourself to make it a happy situation rather then stress about it.

    Nancy thanks for the tips and love that you talk about these things.

    Talk Soon

    Your Friend

  12. Oh Nancy…You are so right….& What a way to relax & relieve tension but a hobby. Line Dancing is so much fun & not only are you taken away from the hustle & bustle of business bldg….you are also getting a good workout…Thank you for sharing.
    Estella H – TX
    Skype ID: ecrownjewel

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