Learning to appreciate the rain

Over the years, I have hear so many complain about the rain – makes them blue, had to cancel outside activities, etc. – well – being a gardener and online marketer – I have learned to appreciate the rain and here is why.

All the watering in the world is nothing like mother nature giving my flowers their drink of water – if you even notice that the trees leaves glisten with the rain soaking into them. It is very important for these plant to get a good soaking like we are having today – slow and steady – it gets down to the root system of the plant. Most of us when watering with irrigation or watering can pour water on the plant and most think that it got watered BUT it’s the nice soaking of a rain that the plants really appreciate and you will enjoy the benefits after the rain.

What does that have to do with online marketing – well alot actually hehehe. Being the gardener that I am, if the sun is shining – I would rather be out in my gardens and enjoying them BUT when it’s raining that gives me time to work on the computer. Most like to curl up with a good book, watch a great movie, go shopping – well me – I get inspired to write when it’s raining.

Now here is your tip for the day – next rainy day – set down at your computer like I did today and keep writing and you will be surprised at how inspired you can be – then instead of publishing them right away – click on the calendar and schedule a new post to come out every 3 to 4 days. Then people will wonder how does this person get so much done in a day – that will be mine and your little secret – looking forward to your new post.

1 thought on “Learning to appreciate the rain

  1. Hey There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Rain is something we all need. Not just to have a day indoors with your friends online but all the nature seem to cry for it after to many hot and sunny days. A very very good idea.

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