How I got into marketing

When I first started on the net, I had and still have an ebay store – while chatting with other ebayers – I kept hearing about other marketing that they were doing to help get others to their store. That is when I heard about blogs, squidoo, traffic exchanges, text ad sites, PTC sites, social sites. etc – just a whole world of tools out there to be used.

I remember back at the time that Yuwie was really the social site to be on as you could set up your profile, tell others about what you do and chat back and forth – so as a suggestion from another ebayer I joined. I met so many wonderful friends there and as we chatted also heard about other resources they were using to get their sites out there. Since then there have been so many more social sites that have come about and now with facebook, myspace, and swom, you can meet so many new people from all over. I love being a social butterfly hehehehehe.

Funny, one of the first traffic exchanges that I joined was Rockinclix – I think back to it now and poor James must have thought where did this dumb hillbilly come from. I didn’t even know what a url was, how to add a banner, and what a text link was – he had such patience with me and guided me thru everything and I got hooked. As I was surfing, I got to see all these other sites out there and I kept joining, joining, joining – till one day I realized wow how in the world can I keep advertising all these sites and why am I putting in all this time promoting for someone else and not building MY list.

By this time, I had learned quite a bit and then started thinking how nice it would be to own my own traffic exchange. I was surfing one day and there it was Hummingbird Hits 4 sale – well this had my name written all over it and I just knew a door of opportunity was opening for me – as if you could see my house – you would see that I am a collector of hummingbirds and with my love for gardening – watching hummingbirds in my gardens is sooooooo thrilling for me. I just felt this was meant to be – so clicked the pay here button and that is how I got my 1st traffic exchange. And so my journey started and I soooo love what I’m doing – I have been blessed and now own/operate 9 traffic exchanges.

Being a traffic exchange owner, it is the owners responsibility to get members into the site to see others’ sites and even tho I have put in alot of hours doing this – I would not have changed a thing. Again, I have been so blessed in the people that I have met and all the friends that have been willing to help me.

In trying to get my traffic exchange in as much advertising as I could, I then found text ad sites, PTC (paid to click) sites and have learned to blog, write lens on Squidoo and have just started writing Ezine Articles – so guess you can say that I am hooked. If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be doing all this marketing – I would have laughed at you – but I really love what I’m doing and love helping others and try to save them the hours that I spent learning most of what I know the hard way – trial and error.

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  1. Stopped by to read your latest article! This is a wonderful article and so true! I have known you for some time now and know that I would not be doing as well as I have lately if it had not been for you! Your help and guidance means more than I can tell you and it’s worth Millions! Your articles have come along stronger and stronger with each one! Keep doing what you do!

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