Ever Wish Someone Would Explain Blogging? Read This!

When I’m chatting with friends online and offline, it is surprising how many have not heard the word blog, blogging, blog post etc.  Since I send most of my friends to my blog,  I decide I would write and try to explain blogging and why I blog.

A blog is a type of website or part of a website.
Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of
commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics
or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

So when I started with my blog, I had always been told to have your name in the title as a way of branding yourself but thought hmmm I couldn’t use just my name.com (now I know different). Well anyway, I thought about what I was going to be writing in my blogs and at the time wasn’t really sure – so that is how I came up with just my opinion lolol. This way I was not tied down to one subject and could write on a variety of subjects.

To try to explain blogging, the best that I can do is that I write about things that I’m passion about, things that I love to talk about, things that I have some knowledge in and most importantly – I blog because I like helping others.  Over the years, I have learned some hard lessons and if I can save one person some of the painful hours that I have gone thru – then blogging to me is worth it.

When I first started, I really struggled about what to write and even just writing period – well a friend of mine told me Nance – pretend you are talking to a person and speak from your heart.  Sounded good to me so that is what I have tried to do in my blogs, I share things that have helped me thru my online journey, things that have touch my heart and even share about my gardening knowledge.  Of course, thru out my post, you will see a variety of subjects – I never knew I had so much to share. (Blabber mouth me hehe)  So if this ole hillbilly can put her thoughts on paper, I’m sure anyone reading this can also.  Actually there are times that I even amaze myself – as I still can’t believe that I can do this and enjoy it so much.

Another way to explain blogging is that it’s a way of writing short stories about you, your life, your likes, your dislikes, your journey thru life.  I even get a kick out of going back to the older post and think to myself what were you thinking when you wrote that, The best reward that a blogger can get is someone that will follow them (subscribe to their blog) – that means that what you have written touched someone’s life, helped someone or maybe they just had a good laugh – whatever the reason – comments are a nice pat on the back – so don’t be afraid or shy. If you have enjoyed a blog, learn something, or thought it was funny – let the writer know – they will love you for it.

10 thoughts on “Ever Wish Someone Would Explain Blogging? Read This!

  1. Nancy you have certainly helped me with this article! Blogging and I are new friends. I love your writing it gives information and a smile also. Great work Nancy!

  2. Great article, Nancy. It’s always interesting to see what brings people to blogging. That’s also why every blog seems to have at least one of these types of posts nowadays (I’ve got a few myself). It seems like every blogger has his/her own philosophy on things, so it’s always fascinating to read.

  3. I found your blog via, Get Your Blog Followers, on fb. Love the way you explain blogging. Nice! I have been on hiatus while finishing my book and I had a bout with pneumonia. I’ll be back on Monday, though. Have a sweet weekend. =)

  4. Nancy, Blogging is really catching on. People are using Blogs for websites now because the content is easier to keep up to date. Blogs are fun because we can tell our stories and offer help to others on a variety of subjects. Thanks for helping people understand that Blogs are fun and not something to be afraid to try. We all have a story to tell.

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