Easy Steps for making a video

Would you like to make your own video and put it on Utube? If you would have asked me 6 months ago would I be making videos and loving it – I would have told you that you are crazy. But if you are a beginner like me and camera shy like me – this is the easy steps for making a video.

A friend of mine told me about this great place that you can go and make videos with just uploading your own pictures. So I decided to try it out – it’s called Animoto.

Now all you have to do is join the site, upload your pictures, add music (the site offers a selection even) and click make video – making a video is just that easy. As a free member of the site, you will be limited to 30 second videos but I started out with that just to get the feel of it.

The only drawback (as everything can’t be perfect) is that they limit you on your text but you know me – there is always a solution – so what I have done is created a picture with my text and that works. So making a video can be this easy for a beginner.

As you get comfortable with making your first few, then you will want to upgrade at $30.00 for the year. Why are you asking? As an upgraded member, you are not limited to the 30 second videos then you can let YOUR creative juices flow more.

As an upgraded member, this site is a nice to add to your portfolio because of the affiliate program it offers – I’m in alot of affiliate programs but not any with this reasonable membership price and with the commissions you make I have more than covered my expenses already.

Go to Animoto today and get started making a video – YOUR VIDEO.

10 thoughts on “Easy Steps for making a video

  1. Nancy! You have presented making a video in a easy and simple way. I think I might even be able to make a video, with a little help from you of course. I am so blessed that we adopted each other as partners. I can always count on you, and you can always count on me.

  2. Great info here girl thank you!!!! I have not attempted to do a video as of yet however my Beachbody will be the first but must wait until Oct….
    I will continue to follow your posts for more great ideas ..
    Great job on the video

  3. Wow Beautiful your garden sholud be in homes and gardens for sure absolutely wanderful you even have fawns sweet they are gentle animals i have hand feed a few before and never got hurt, great job on putting this all togehter A+!

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