Don’t Believe All The Crap

You know as a site owner, I see about every ad out there and I can’t believe all the crap that people want you to see and such a shame that there are some that will believe those ads and that is the sad part and why this post.

The internet is big therefore making it easier for more and more cons to get their programs online for others to see. I just wanted to vent here some and let you know to watch out for some keywords in the advertising – most of the time when people use Easy, Fast, Quick, etc. – really stop and think about it – if it was so easy, fast, quick, there would be alot of millionaires walking around don’t you think.

If a person on the street came up to you and said I have this program that is so easy that anyone can do it and you will make lots of money fast and quick – what would your reaction be – you would not believe them and walk away – well the same principle works online.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make money online but it takes putting in a lot of hours, and it’s not easy – there is so much to learn and it’s not quick and don’t happen overnite – but if you work hard, have the right guidance and tools and be persistent – you can make money online.

So when you are reading ads, emails from so-call friends ask yourself – if it is too good to be true – then you are probably right and just move on. Find yourself a great mentor and they are out there – the people that I listen to are on the front page of my blog here – The Leaders Role.

Take the time to get the right training, the right tools and the right directions, the right mindset and you will see what a difference that will make.

There is NOT a quick button people, no easy program, no magic – it still takes hard work – just don’t give up – If you think you CAN or you think you CANT…. you are probably right…….the choice is yours.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Believe All The Crap

  1. Nancy, excellent information for someone who is out there looking and thinks they are going to be rich quick. Believe it or not I did just that wow what a shock. I did not make money in my sleep on auto pilot straight to my pay pal account. You are so right it takes a lot of work and learning from the right coaches and mentors. Which I believe I have found with the Leaders Role (TLR). Great info. Peace and Love and Skype me so we can chat @ annm.carron1

    • Oh I agree with you totally – finding The Leaders Role has been the best thing that has ever happen in my life – I really feel that I’m on the right path now

  2. Hi Nancy,

    A very good posting. As you know we have taken 3 years to get where we are on the net. Jeanenne and I have spent many days and nights scratching our heads, sharing ideas and poking around. All the while trying to carve out a small corner of the net for ourselves.

    It has been a long road, but one I would take again because of all we have learned and great friends like you we have met along the way. In the beginning we fell for those tricks too. But we are now much wiser and try to teach others so they don’t make the same mistakes we did in the hope that their journey will be much shorter than ours was.


    Roy and Jeanenne Wright

    • Oh I know you two have worked very hard and it’s starting to pay off for you – you really make a great TEAM and am very glad that I got to know you.

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