Are you wasting your credits?

As most of you know, I own/operate 9 traffic exchanges and while doing the daily maintenance – I was thinking how many people are wasting their credits and probably don’t even realize it – so thought I would give you a few tips that came to mind.

AND being a newbie at one time, I did the same thing – I have an affiliate site that I’m advertising and add my site URL and assign my credits and wait for the magic to happen. Well the first mistake I made was thinking that I didn’t have to view what I had added – well I soon found that I make mistakes – imagine that lololol – so when you add your site url – view is and make sure that you put in the right url.

The next mistake I made was that I put in the site URL and never, never, never looked at it again – it had credits and it must be still showing – well……..wrong……..what I have found over the years is that sometimes a site will change their splash pages and the one that you were using has been deleted and is no longer showing – therefore wasting credits. What I have also seen is that some sites just disappear – close and here all this time you have credits assigned to a page that says – this site is no longer on the server, this domain no longer exists – well…….another waste of credits.

Another thing that I have seen is that members just add the main url and assign all their credits to that ONE url. Being a free member, most sites offer that you can add at least 3 – this is also a waste. You ask why??? Well, if you have one url only running and the script randomly rotates them – your odds are 1:amount of urls on the site – take advantage of being able to add 3 – the trick that I do is that I will add the main url and then add 2 splash pages to the same site – that way that site is being seen 3:amount of urls on the site – better odds of it getting seen more – now if you upgrade you get more chances to add even more.

So let’s stop wasting credits everyone and get them urls out there and seen.

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