Struggling building your downline or YOUR LIST???

I joined this awesome site and let me tell you this site owner knew what he was doing and has made things so easy, so simple and has taken all the excuses away for not getting leads, referrals, and building your list.

First of all when you join there is 10 steps that will get you a LCP (leads capture page or squeeze page) These are easy to follow and with a few clicks you have your own LCP. Now here is one of the nice features – as a free member you can even have your own LCP and here is what it can look like.

Nice looking page huh? You can have this also just by joining today. Now let me tell you the other benefits of this awesome program.

You know how you join programs and then are overwhelmed or have questions and have no clue what the FAQ just told you – well I have been there and done that. Included with this program is a weekly webinar on Sunday and the link to that is in your back office. Rob also has a forum to help you out and you can leave questions there also and here is the best part there is a skype group just for this program – support with others 24/7.

Now here is one of the exciting features that I was just thrilled with – you know how you sign up with other programs and there is a downline builder included which is great – but what I have found most of the programs that you are already in are not listed and I don’t know about you but I have so many sites that I try to keep up with I don’t want to join another program just so I can add my id to that programs downline builder. Well you not going to believe this – this one you can tailor and customize with YOUR programs – yea is that unreal????

Can you tell I’m excited about this program? I have been working online for three years now and am in and have tried alot of programs and I telling you will not find a easier one to be in.

Are you like me and struggle with how to promote, what to say, and how to get your message across – well like I said all the excuses have been taken away. Included is all the tools that you will need and best of all – there are pre-written letters that can be loaded into your autoresponder – easy, easy, easy.

I know by now you are thinking that this is too good to be true……..well, I’m not done yet with the benefits.

Rob writes a blog and updates us on what is going one – take a look at his last post here Now take note – this is a fairly new program and a great opportunity to get in now –

Member Count: 2059 and growing by the day! (64 new members since the last update.)

Commissions Paid this year: $4011.00

I encourage you to join this program today – it’s free to join – but once you get familiar with the program – I also recommend that you upgrade and I’ll tell you why………
– 50% Commissions
– A fully customizable downline builder that
allows you to add and remove programs.
– 7 new templates which can be fully edited with
a WYSIWYG Editor as well as an unlimited number
of Lead Capture Pages too.

Well once again I see that I got long winded but that what happens when I’m sooooooooo excited about a program that I know works for me and I know will work for you. Good luck everyone and remember you can skype me at nancyradlinger

Here are some of the unlimited LCP that I have done so far

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