What is a traffic exchange and what do you do after joining one

A traffic exchange is a website that allows it’s members to promote their goods for others to see in exchange for you looking at their sites. You know – you look at mine, I’ll look at yours.

When you first sign up at any exchange there is a required amount of pages that you need to surf before your account is active – I have seen them ranging from 5 – 50 – just depends on the traffic exchange (TE)

Once you have surfed the required amount of sites to activate your account, you will receive a certain amount of extra credits (depending on the Exchange’s policy). You can then set up your Sites and Banners. Some Exchanges offer only 3 Sites and Banners, other 5 for a Free Member. Should you Upgrade to another Level, you are allotted more sites and banners.

Are you lost yet, I sure was when I first started. I really didn’t even know what a URL, banner, hot link, text link, splash page, squeeze page was – this was like a different language to me. Hopefully, I can help you understand all these terms and why TE are a great tool to use for your advertising.

Ok, back to the URL – An Internet address (TE example, http://www.hummingbirdhits.com/signup.php?1000
usually consisting of the access protocol (http), the domain name (www.hummingbirdhits.com), and who is referring you back to this website.

Banners in TE’s are usually 468 x 60 – that is the size that is mostly seen but you are seeing more and more sites adding other sizes ie. 125×125 Now to add your banner to a TE – you need an image URL and the site URL. I’m not going into alot of detail as I did a whole blog on this subject and you can refer to it here How To Add Banners to Traffic Exchange Sites

Hot Link or Text Link – depending on the site – JMO (Just My Opinion) these two terms are basicially asking for the same info. It’s a catchy phrase that you would use that you hope to get someone’s attention so that they click on it and go to your site. ie. This site is working for me or FREE OFFER – Don’t miss out

Splash pages are one of the least used pages and JMO should be used the most. A splash page is like a billboard and should be eye-catching telling the surfer WHY they should click and go to your site. The reason I enjoy splash pages is that a person can be creative, personalize the page, and really stand out and make a statement. Here is an example of one of the latest ones that I made O.M.G. Splash Page

Now, I left the best to last because if you are looking to build a list then you need to make a squeeze page. I have found that the page size should be so that the page fits into the surfing screen as when members are surfing they DO NOT want to scroll down to see the rest of your page – they want NOW – tell them your info and get a place where they put in their name and email.

Ok, now you are probably wondering why bother with TE’s ?????? Well, first of all they are FREE to join and you can keep your sites seen to help build your list, get referrals and even make some money if you upgrade. Most traffic exchanges now adays offer some kind of cash incentive for upgraded members – some examples are commissions, cash for referrals, cash for surfing, etc. Each site is different and that is why they are addicting (at least for me)

I know you have heard that the money is in your list – well traffic exchanges is just one tool to help you build your list. If you are interested in trying TE’s, let me know as I own a few of them and would be more than happy to help you get started. Just leave me a comment or email me at wisgrandma@yahoo.com or skype me at nancyradlinger. Thanks once again for listening.

3 thoughts on “What is a traffic exchange and what do you do after joining one

  1. Great stuff Nancy. I have been using and maximizing Traffic Exchanges for 10 Years. They never cease to amaze me. Great power to list build if you use them correctly…..


  2. I have been a member of Nancy’s sites for over 1 year now. Her sites run very smooth and are very clean. She has a lot of good ideas on getting traffic to your sites. Keep up the good work Nancy


  3. Great insight Nancy. The traffic Exchange industry and Textads continually to be a strong moving force . New developments are constantly being added making them continually to be sought after. Continue doing a great job bringing forth your fantastic work.



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