You are never too old to learn

After being up for 24 hours, I’m on my wind-down and thought I’d put my thoughts down before heading to bed. You have heard the saying that your world can turn on a dime – well mine has.

Most of you that know me that I have been working online for a couple years now trying to learn what I can to make some money.

I was one of the people that worked hard all my life, put away for a rainy day and did things right and SHOCK – in a day the money was gone just like everyone else in the stock market. So instead of being able to retire and start drawing on my IRA at the age 59 – I’m working more hours than I ever did trying to get that secure feeling back in my life again.

Not knowing where to start, I started like most with Ebay and that help me to keep paying the bills also gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of the clutter that had been sitting around the house lol. I won’t bore you with the roller coaster that my life has taken but will tell you that no matter how prepared you think you are things can change quickly.

I have been attending as many webinars, googling everything I can to learn, meeting people from all over and came to the conclusion that I LOVE being on the net. The last two years I feel that I have obtained a lot of the right pieces but just not sure how to put them together to complete the puzzle till this last week.

I have always been a social butterfly so getting on facebook, myspace and on about every social site out there has just been great for me. They say people come into your life for a reason – BELIEVE IT.

Over the last years, I have met people that taught me about traffic exchanges, text ad sites, PTC, solos, html coding, squeeze pages, splash pages, hot links, keywords, bloggin, – all completely unknown to me 3 years ago. And yes, I even learn to play a mean game of pool on Pogo

Anyway, I was heading to Facebook to play Mafia (that’s where I go for my lunch & supper breaks) – Cory IM and asked if I’d like to attend a webinar – and after being in so many I thought great another one – what’s this one going to be selling and pushing down my throat. So that was my question back to him – what you selling and he said nothing – so that got my attention. He said just a group of business and marketing people getting together and brainstorming –   Online Masterminds Group. My first thought was oh no masterminds – way out of my league but I decided to check it out.

Talking about my life turning on a dime again – here was a group of people from all walks of the business chatting about how to help others succeed – they wanted to share their knowledge with others so that they didn’t have to make the same mistakes they had or waste all the time they had. I was in shock to hear this – this just don’t happen – there has to be a catch somewhere or the price for all this was sure going to be way more than I had. Next Shock – they were offering this and not trying to sell me anything. Where was this group 2 years ago??????? I just said God

When I joined the facebook group. and there was over 1100 when I joined – there is over 1900 as I write this – now we are talking days – it hasn’t even been a week yet – this kind of growth in that period of time – that is just amazing.

Then I was introduced in their live Skype Chat Group and what a welcome. All these people were REAL – they were excited about what they had planned, they had a goal, they had a dream – and after awhile in with them I could see the potential – a ground level opportunity to finally get the answers that I had been looking for so that I could put my puzzle together.

If you have struggled like I have, been ripped off like have, been on brain overload like I have – then join me and this wonderful group – you won’t be sorry. I do have to add that things are NOT going to server to you on a silver platter, they are NOT going to do the work for you – YOU will have to want to succeed and if you are not to that point – then you should just keep hopping around trying this and that and when you get tired – look us up – we’ll still be here. BUT IF YOU ARE READY, then you have found what you have been looking for – the tools, the knowledge, the help that you NEED to finally succeed. Don’t be shy.

8 thoughts on “You are never too old to learn

  1. Great blog Nancy. Quite informative. I would like to say you are a great saleswoman, BUT when you truely believe in something, as you do, then it is really only a matter of telling others. GREAT job.

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