Who says that it doesn’t pay to Dream?

As most of you know that read my blogs know that I bought my first Traffic Exchange (Humminbird Hits) 13th months ago and have been working very hard promoting the site.  Well, this weekend we had a BIG CELEBRATION as we had our 1000th member. 

Alot of people ask me how did I do it – well it was lot of hard work – lot of hours and practically no personal life lol.  But you see I believe in that you have to work hard to make to achieve your dreams.  I do have a BIG picture of what I would like to see happen here on the net and I keep taking ONE DAY at a time – it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together – one little piece at a time and all of a sudden the BIG picture is done.

All I can say is not to give up – and there were times that I 2nd guess myself but I stayed focused and kept going and with baby steps we are getting there.

Remember – “It’s not what happens that really matters, it’s how you handle it will make all the difference.

So…………even on the bad day – you have to pick your hinder up and get thru it.

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