Struggling with HTML??

Learning a new language at our age??

Not only do I struggle, but I’ve received emails from many of you that seem to be struggling as well.

What’s this new language called??  HTML??  Here’s the definition:

Wikipedia:  Hypertext Mark-up Language, or HTML, is the predominant markup language for web pages. It provides a means to describe a structured document by denoting structural semantics to text such as headings, paragraphs, lists etc. and also some other semantics by denoting text as links, quotes, and other things. It also allows embedded images and objects and interactive forms. It is written in the form of “tags” consisting of elements surrounded by angle brackets, and can embed or load scripting languages such as JavaScript, that can affect the behavior of HTML processors like Web browsers, and Cascading Style Sheets to define the appearance of text, and the layout of block elements – which is encouraged over explicit presentational markup.

Whew!!  Are you still lost??  I can tell you first hand that this grandma certainly was!  However, I have been able to learn a few tricks along the way and am more than happy to share with you.

Here is the first website I found with instructional lessons. — I went through each lesson and ‘played around’ until I was able to change colors, fonts and even make my own codes.

Please keep in mind, you are NEVER too old to learn new tricks!!  I’m 56 and still learning each day.

Don’t be overwhelmed and try to do it all at once – just a step at a time!

Example:  WOW of the week (words of wisdom)

HTML coding:  </p></center><p align=”center”><strong><font size=”6″ color=”#0174DF”>WOW of the week<br> (words of wisdom)

By using the code above, you can add the text of your choice, then copy and paste where you need it.

If you’ll notice the word ‘center’ – by changing that to ‘left’ you will align to the left.  by changing the numerical value of the size ‘6’ to ‘4’ you will make it smaller (make larger by increasing the numerical value).

As for colors – they receive a numerical code as well.

Example:  Blue = #0000FF, Red = #FF0000 and the most used Black = #000000.

To check out the other color codes you can visit

Just one last tidbit of info, notice the <br>?  That equals a single space.  If you want to double space then use <p>.

Help yourself to the code above, visit and play around with your “New Language”.

Be sure to let me know how you do.

11 thoughts on “Struggling with HTML??

  1. Hi Nancy,

    Certainly understand how hard it is to learn something new like
    HTML. I’m not too bad at the basics of it, but am currently
    tackling CSS.

    CSS looks deceptively simple, but for me at least, it isn’t!
    Here’s a site which has some great HTML and CSS lessons.

    It’s very helpful.

    Back to surfing……
    Jean aka snakesmum

  2. Thanks Jean for the site – I am also trying to learn the cpanels of all these sites and that is a real challenge also but will look at this as soon as I can – I need all the help I can get lololol

  3. Hi Nancy, thank you for giving this hlepful information. Since I just got my own site it is awesome to have the techniqueal knowledge and I shore need it…you are awesome Nancy. Now I might learn more and make my site better.

    See you at chat and surfing bar.

    • Thanks Anette – I wish someone had been there to help me and save me all the hours I spent learning the hard way – trial and error – but this ole granny is learning new stuff everyday lololol – thanks for stopping by

  4. nancy yo are just so cool, and nice to visit with and my goodness yo have more information than a professional writer, ever thought about that??? the new things are awesome and i been around and seeing lots of sites and it continues to see me in awe.
    YOu should have good luck and continued success love it all
    god be with you and yours and continued success. will be here off and on all the time your very good friend, first one when i started surfing to help and got just multiple times of helping ty mae

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhh you are sooooo sweet and thanks. I’m really can’t take all the credit as Terri helps me she is my ghost writer – I come up with the jest of things and she makes me look good lololol – it even impresses me when she is done lololol

      I know that God is with me Mae as the things that happen are just so unreal sometimes with the doors that open that you just know God is there guiding me. When I go to bed each nite all I can do is say Thank you God – we got thru another day

    • Thank you – I transpose so much when I’m typing – didn’t catch that one lolololol and soooooooooooo obvious – thanks

  5. HI Nancy,
    What an inspiration, I havent done html that much as I just send to an editor. But I know I will need it one day, your information on here will certainly bee the key to look. Thaks so much.

    susie moore
    skype smsforce

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