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We are getting some much need rain here and a great day to grab a book, cup of tea and curl up with a book. I can’t even remember where we met – but Phillip Watling and I have been friends for awhile now – he’s is a member of my social site and WOW what an inspiration. Take a look at his page here

Phillip has written an amazing and inspiring autobiography – here is his article that was featured in Milton Keynes Hospital newspaper.

December 9th, 1994: a day like any other that winter except that I died. After taking a bus to work, I got off and crossed the road. Unfortunately I never made it, as I was hit by a car dislocating my shoulder and mangling my knee causing pain that would be with me forever. As the car braked I bounced off, span in the air and smashed my head into the bus (not deliberately). I fell to the ground, not having much choice in the matter. Within ten minutes an ambulance arrived, but it was determined I was too badly injured to survive a road trip; London’s air ambulance, HEMS, was called to me and within the Golden Hour I was back at hospital where I died. No, this is not being written by a ghost, but when one’s heart stops beating I call that death and mine did twice!

Thankfully, due to the wonders of modern medicine and a great deal of strength, determination and a sprinkling of stubbornness I survived. It was five months before I was let back into the world and in that time I had started to write a diary that would eventually become an autobiography. Called Flight of a Lifetime it is an emotional, heart-warming and sometimes amusing story about my life, my death and my resurrection. An amazing read it will inspire you and make the world seem like a nicer place. You will laugh, you will cry, but by the end you will smile and feel better about yourself.

Flight of a Lifetime is a very good read; it will make you laugh and cry at the same time. This would make an excellent gift for someone – so add two your cart right away, I did.

Here is the link to Amazon, let me know what you think – you won’t be sorry.

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