Grab your pole, we’re going fishing

Get Ready for the Biggest Online Father’s Day Fishing Contest of 2009 !!!!

You have a chance to win a one year upgrade on each of the seven participating traffic exchanges!

And all you have to do is catch the most fish!!!!

Participating sites are listed below, are you already a member? – Terrific, just make sure your sites, promo’s and banners are updated and ready to go!

Is there is a site you currently are not a member of? Here’s your opportunity to “cash in” on the one-year free upgrade prize being offered.

Can I win upgrades on more than one site?

Yes! You just have to catch the most fish.

Do I have to surf all of the sites to win?

No! You may pick and choose.

Is it to my advantage to “fish” on all of the sites?


The contest will run from June 17th – June 20th
When you ‘Catch a Fish’, simply click the Report Abuse button, the surfer with the most fish WINS!!

Good Luck….here are the sites included in the Father’s Day Fishing Contest:

Hummingbird Hits
Teacup Puppy Traffic
Rockin Clix
Songbird Clicks
Surfing With Terri
Surfing With Nancy
Zaney Clicks

TOTAL PRIZE VALUE = $791.88 = one year upgrades on all 7 sites



 ???????ARE YOU READY TO FISH???????


2 thoughts on “Grab your pole, we’re going fishing

  1. Nancy as i read thru these complaints i sit and think , its fathers day and my family are all in heaven, but i miss them. but also i thank the good lord for having them all in my life as i became a elderly they instilled in me the appreciation for things, the beautiful flowers, you mentioned the easy plants for people, the hosta is a ever living thing and yougotta practically throw it in the garbage to get rid of it lol, also i thank god for the rain, the sun, but all of course in not excess and its people like you that are here for us dumb or smart who cares, we to are here for a purpose, we are gods people and i wish some of these people would understand it all counts, good,bad or indifferent there is always a good part in everybody. As the earth moves so do we, some are sick, life threatening dieases which how do we know why they are hurting our families and taking parents, children, young moms, dads and war WHY
    it is not for us to judge. I am very happy to be alive, oh there is lots of health issues, but god gives me the strength to wake up and see a bright new day. I hope this helps somebody to have a good day and live life to the fullest like you do. thank you for being nancy lots of love as always mae

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