Does this sound like you?

After being on the net for several years now, there is one thing I have learned.  There is a lot to learn!  The majority of my experience has been through trial and error.  With emphasis on the latter…like many of you, I have had my share of ‘cons’and have lost thousands of dollars, trying to ‘make a buck’.

Since starting my own website and looking for places to advertise, I stumbled upon traffic exchanges.

Do they work?

Yes, a traffic exchange can be your best friend when trying to promote your website.

What is the purpose of a traffic exchange?

The key to traffic exchanges, (TE’s) is to build YOUR list and get people on YOUR list.

What is “branding”?

You want people to see YOU!  Over and over and over again (branding).  You want to have a page that will stand out to the surfer, make them want to take a second look!  Make them want to click on that page and find out more!

One way of accomplishing this “stand out” or “second look” is by experimenting with splash pages.  Splash Page Maker  is a program I use.  It allows you the creativity to easily make different splash pages so you can see what does and does not work.  (for those of you not familiar with the term ‘splash page’, just think of your website condensed onto one page – it’s an attention getter..splash pages also load much faster than a website on a traffic exchange.)

There are so many programs and ebooks being promoted, where do you start?

Two words ” Affiliate Funnel “.  Affiliate Funnel has many free resources for you to take advantage of. After becoming familiar with the site and information they offer I did upgrade in order to take advantage of the full benefit package.

Everyone can attend FREE seminars (free and upgraded members).  You can participate in these online seminars, just listen & learn, take notes, whatever you are comfortable with.  You will learn from experts the steps of creating an online income.

There is nothing quite as rewarding as implementing these steps and instructions and having it work!  Receiving an email informing you that you have a commission!!  Now, that’s an email worth reading.

One last thought……don’t try to do everything all at once!  Focus on one thing at a time, get it done…..then add another new thing, get it done…..before you know it, things begin to fall into place and you will begin to receive commission emails as well!

Don’t Give Up……To Your Success

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